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Client Testimonials And Immigrant Success Stories

Sweta has successfully represented companies, their founders and employees across diverse industries — Information Technology and Hi-Tech, Software and Hardware, Hotels and Construction, Energy and Biotech, Restaurants and Schools. She has assisted families and individuals across multiple nationalities — Indian Subcontinent, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Russian, Ethiopian, and several others. The Law Offices of Sweta Khandelwal is humbled and proud to be an integral part of the lives of our clients. As a result of Sweta’s expertise and efforts, her entrepreneur clients have been able work in the U.S. to pursue their dream startups; businesses clients have scaled from one to more than 25 employees; and families/couples have managed to be together.
One Of The Smoothest Experiences We Ever Had “Sweta processed the H1B transfer for a key hire at our early stage startup. It was one of the smoothest experiences we ever had. Being a startup, we didn’t have a lot of in-house support, and it was doubly-critical that we get the transfer done without any hiccups. Sweta and her team made it very efficient for us to prep the necessary documentation. And they made sure we presented a strong case. The transfer came through in 2 weeks.” Krishna M., New York, NYM.
Won Against All Odds “This review is long overdue. Sweta Khandelwal is one of best attorneys for O-visa applications. We had contacted her for O-visa application of my friend who was on a different visa. His category of expertise was different from the traditional arts, this case was new to Sweta as well but she accepted this as a challenge and won our case against all odds. Throughout the process she was available and provided very sound advice. She was involved in all stages and guided us through the complicated process. She prepared a strong case and great petition and worked very hard towards our case. When our petition faced complications, she helped us through that too. And redid our entire application again and my friend was lucky to have got his application accepted. She is very ethical, professional, knowledgeable and very straight forward. I will highly recommend her.” San Francisco
Innate Ability To Connect On A Personal Level “We consulted Sweta for our immigration visa queries, especially my visa conversion to O/EB1 and my wife’s L visa status. One thing we found extremely comforting, was her innate ability to connect on personal level and show genuine concern for one’s needs. Her articulate responses and comprehensive feedback for multitude questions we had, is a strong testimonial of her law erudition. We will definitely be resorting to her expertise for our future visa requirements. Recommended!!” Anish N., San Mateo
Responsive And Efficient “Sweta was great to work with. She is responsive and works very efficiently. She helped me write and compile a 500 page 01 visa application in just a few weeks. She is also very responsive to email and phone calls and kept me inform throughout the process.” Laura Borel, Entrepreneur, San Francisco
Highest Level Of Professional Service “I engaged Sweta to help me apply for an O1 visa, and I could not be happier about the experience. Sweta clearly explained the various immigration options available to me, as well as the requirements for each option. She was able to think strategically, taking into account my needs as a startup owner. She guided me successfully through the O1 application process, whilst also considering backup options in case the application would not be successful. In doing so, she delivered priceless piece of mind. Sweta consistently delivered the highest levels of professional service, showed full knowledge of the immigration process, and quickly responded to any and all questions. In addition, she provided her services at a predictable, flat rate. I highly recommend Sweta’s services to anyone with immigration needs.” Pieter in San Francisco, CA, United States
Extremely Professional And Meticulous “I have been a client of Sweta for the past 4 to 5 months and I must say she has shown great skill and tenacity in getting my O1A visa application approved. O1A visas, which are famously known to be tough to get, require detailed study and documentation gathering regarding the beneficiary’s achievements and work in the field of his/her achievement (in my case, was open source software technology). Sweta was extremely professional and meticulous throughout the entire process and has certainly flexed her expertise to have the petition resolved successfully in our favor. After this success, I would certainly look forward to work with Sweta for all my other immigration needs and would definitely recommend her to more family/friends and people out there looking for similar help. Good work Sweta!” Chinmay Naik, Open-source Software Engineer, Santa Clara
A Complete Professional “Sweta is a complete professional and fabulous lawyer. There were a few blockers in my case, but she handled them very confidently. She has been patient and considerate towards our concerns and reassured us with swift responses. There are only a few lawyers who are highly knowledgeable and at the same time very much approachable. She is one of the kind! I am very confident to highly recommend her to anyone who needs a great immigration lawyer.” Employee, Bay Area technology start-up
She Seems To Work Round The Clock “Ms. Sweta Khandelwal is a very good immigration lawyer. I was introduced to her by my nephew who told me of her responsiveness and she treats people with kindness, respect and professional courtesy. So when I had to address an immigration task for my sister who lives abroad, I approached her. I found her to be exactly the way my nephew told me. Ms. Khandelwal is very conscientious, thorough and told me forthright the facts and how it needs to be addressed. I know I can trust her with my personal information. She seem to work round the clock and kept me informed on my case in a timely manner. Overall she is an excellent lawyer. Thank you.” Betram Nagaraja, (filed GC for his sister)
Amazing Lawyer And A Great Person “Sweta helped me with my EB1A. She was very thorough with her work and got everything I needed for the EB1A together. I got my EB1A approved in 6 months time. Amazing lawyer and a great person.” Rajesh Lal, Mobile Web Engineer
I Highly Recommend Her “Sweta worked on my H1 transfer case and got that approved in a complex scenario. I had H1B stamped but I never worked in US on H1B. I left my job because of personal reasons and my employer revoked my petition after 1.5 years of approval. I worked with 2 lawyers in past and was unhappy with denials. But finally, I received approval when Sweta filed my petition.”“My case was not an easy victory, we received notice of intent of denial (NOID) and I lost all my hopes of approval. But it was Sweta’s confidence and her expertise in the field which converted result to approval. Sweta did a terrific job, in understanding background and responding timely in an effective way. She always provided thorough explanations on what has to be done on my side, and always kept me informed on status update of my case. I highly recommend her and would definitely seek her help in future immigration-related matters.” Pallavi Joshi, Software Engineer, Aptos, CA
Fast, Well-Informed Immigration Services “Sweta deeply knows her subject matters, and provides a fast, reliable and very well informed legal services. She assisted me with my US immigration status, and within a few weeks the entire process was completed successfully.” Alex Bakir, Business Development Manager, San Francisco
Recommended For Any Bay Area Startup “Sweta worked on my H1 transfer application and got that approved in a complex scenario — my employer is a seed-stage startup and I am the first H1 employee. The intricacies of starting a new company and hiring an H1 professional are massive, but Sweta worked with the co-founding team and got the legal requirements and paperwork done to make it possible. I would recommend her to any Bay Area startup that needs immigration attorney assistance. She is a wonderful person to work with and gives a very friendly experience, always available to help with her knowledge and expertise on immigration matters.” Dhiraj Saran, Software Engineer, Santa Clara
Approved Four Weeks After Filing “Sweta helped prepare and file my O-1A petition. She was very thorough and meticulous with all aspects of the application, right down to the fine details. Even though the circumstances around my case were unusual (I don’t have a PhD but do have considerable research background), Sweta put together a very solid and polished overall application. The petition was approved roughly 4 weeks after filing and I’m extremely appreciative of her efforts!” Dawood Tariq, Engineer
Approved Without An Audit “Sweta filed by PERM application, My employer was a small company that had never filed a PERM/GC before. Sweta worked meticulously with my employer and guided them expertly throughout the process. I know that PERM’s are complex and challenging. A slight error can lead to a denial. Sweta did a great job on my PERM. It was approved without an audit. I would highly recommend her.” Binal Mehta, Business Analyst, Colorado
Despite The Season, Provided Additional Documentation That USCIS Asked For “We used the services of Attorney Sweta Khandelwal for filing a H1-B petition in the December of 2011. Our company is a small startup and this was our first H1-B petition. Sweta meticulously compiled all the documents required to support the application and guided us effectively through the entire process. Despite the December holiday season, Sweta worked with us to provide the additional documentation that USCIS asked after filing the petition. We were really impressed that Sweta provided this additional documentation/explanation in less than three days of turnaround time. The petition was approved in a very short time. Throughout our case, Sweta was very responsive to our questions and concerns, thoroughly professional, and provided excellent legal services. We highly recommend her and would definitely seek her help in future immigration-related matters.” Satish Vutukuru, Ph.D, Employee at a Management Consultancy Start-up, Santa Clara
Very Responsive To Our Questions “Sweta Khandelwal is one of the very helping lawyer. Our experience with her has been fantastic. We were looking a good lawyer for our Green card & tried to meet couple of lawyers in person. Sweta is the one who has always responded us back with the clear and detailed answer. She’s very polite, professional & goes an extra mile for her clients.I definitely refer her specially for those who had a bad experience with any other lawyers.”Diha A., San Jose, CA
Sweta Goes The Extra Mile“Sweta has been our immigration attorney for quite a few years now and our experience working with her has been exceptional in every aspect. We are glad and consider ourselves lucky to have found and worked with Sweta for all our immigration needs. She has thorough knowledge and experience of the entire immigration process and is also well versed in U.S. immigration policy and keeps up with the latest trends in immigration law. She is extremely professional, efficient, friendly and helpful. I strongly recommend Sweta as your immigration attorney.” Karthik V., Software Engineer, Edison, NJ
Thorough Knowledge Of The Process “Thanks for all the hard work, and thorough knowledge and expertise of the immigration law during the entire process! We are absolutely recommending you to our friends and any future client who might need your representation in fixing their legal status.” Yuvaraj P., Edison, NJ
She Answered Everyone’s Questions…100+ People Attended Her Talk “Ms. Sweta is very knowledgeable on immigration law and is ever willing to help those in need. I attended a talk she hosted and she was very detailed in her explanations and did not leave until she answered everyone’s questions (and there were a lot of questions from the 100+ people who attended). She also promptly replies to e-mails and is thorough in her answers.” Kathirgugan K., Milpitas, CA
Extremely Informative And Was Very Patient “I consulted Sweta, because I had numerous immigration-related questions about my change of status and the things I have to do to get a smooth transition between visas. Sweta was pleasant, very helpful extremely informative, and was very patient in answering all my questions. She understood my situation within minutes and helped me get a clear picture of how things work and what has to be done from my side. I recommend her highly to people with immigration issues. She is your go-to person.” Sundararaman V., Foreign National on H-1B Visa
She Understood My Situation Within Minutes “Sweta is a true professional both in her approach and attitude. She displays deep expertise and proved it by delivering exceptional and timely results.” Sunil Bhatia, CEO, Bay Area-based startup
Exceptional And Timely Results “I contacted Sweta to know my options. She seemed very knowledgeable and suggested some creative solutions to avoid the home residency requirement, including the O Visa. She was thorough with the subject matter and gave me objective advice. What I appreciated was the fact that she did not “sell” any service or solution, but gave me an honest/unbiased opinion. I appreciate her candor and was able to take informed decisions based upon her legal guidance. I highly recommend her.” Ritu, Resident Physician on J-1 visa
She Gave Me An Honest/Unbiased Opinion “Sweta’s work is immaculate. She did an excellent job with the immigration work for our US subsidiary. The best thing about Sweta is her “attention to details” which is so important in getting complex immigration work done successfully.” Rohit Nadhani, CEO, Bay-Area based start-up
Immaculate Attention To Details “I first sought Ms. Khandelwal’s advice last year regarding employment opportunities during OPT/OPT extension period. She was kind enough to work around my schedule and meet me on a Saturday. She provided a clear picture of the whole immigration/employment procedure and her advice helped me immensely. Since then I have contacted Ms. Khandelwal by phone and email several times for advice/clarification and she has always responded promptly.”“Just the last week, I was able to accept a job offer in the midst of a complex OPT/H1B-Cap gap situation due to her quick and accurate advice. I find Ms. Khandelwal to be extremely dedicated, accessible and well informed & would highly recommend seeking her legal advice for all immigration-related matters.” Kay K., Student
After A First Meeting, Sweta Answered All Of Our Questions “We consulted Sweta because we had questions about getting married. My girlfriend is American and I am French and the process is quite long and complicated. After a first meeting, Sweta answered all of our questions. She clarified the process and made sure we got all the answers we were looking for. She is really detailed oriented and organized. I would highly recommend her to people who have immigration-related issues. Once again, Thank you Sweta.” Aldo S, French National, seeking to marry a US Citizen
Detail-Oriented And Organized “I had the chance to discuss issues on two different occasions with Sweta and both the times, the answer were meticulous and in words that a non-legal guy like me can understand. On the first time, she didn’t have exact answer for one of my question and she took the time to research on it and get back to me within a day. Excellent work.” Ritesh N., Software Engineer, considering the possibility of self-employment
Meticulous Answers Abhinav Aanand, Employee, Manager in a MNC IT Company“Sweta provided us stellar service on an H1-B sponsorship case. The case had some small quirks which a previous law firm, which we hired completely botched. Sweta used her knowledge and experience in getting our case through with utmost ease. She is very responsive and a thorough professional. She gave us the feeling that she really cared about our case, and not just treat us like one of many clients. Sweta provides big-firm expertise at reasonable rates and small-firm like client treatment.”
Managed All Hurdles In A Highly Professional And Timely Manner. “Sweta Khandelwal was successful in obtaining a visa for one of our teachers. Even though, the visa fell into a more complicated category, she successfully managed all hurdles in a highly professional and timely manner. We would use her again and can highly recommend her.” Principal at a bilingual immersion school in the Bay Area
A Gem Of A Lawyer. “Sweta is a gem of a lawyer. She worked on my petition for the O1-A visa for Individuals with outstanding and extraordinary abilities. I have a PhD with a decent publication record and am fairly entrenched with various concerns in the Healthcare sector. Despite that, I did have some concerns about how it would play out on the petition. These applications require certain finesse, a certain creative mind and it becomes very important that the lawyer understands you and your individual case. Sweta does a terrific job at that, she gets to know your background, your particular skill sets and is able to craft a very effective narrative about what makes you unique. We got the petition approved within a couple of weeks. I was very happy with Sweta’s work irrespective of whether it got approved or not but with added pleasure of getting it approved I would highly recommend her.” Anand, Ph.D. and founding member of a biotech company based in Palo Alto, CA
Was Patient To Answer All The Questions… Highly Recommend “Was patient to answer all the questions I had without rushing me (which I have faced with every lawyer I spoke to). Did a good analysis of my full situation with all details and gave good safe advice. You can be sure to get all your questions answered with Swetha Khandelwal. Highly recommend this lawyer!” Sandeep, Software Engineer, Sunnyvale
H1-B Transfer Petition Got Approved Within Three Days Of Our Filing “I just started a startup consulting firm 6 months back and was looking to bring a consultant on board by getting his H1-B transferred. I was looking for an attorney who had done this successfully in the past. My search landed me on the testimonial page of Sweta where another client of hers had posted their success story. I contacted Sweta and Despite The Season, Provided Additional Documentation That USCIS Asked For. Even though I knew it was very difficult to successfully file the petition, Sweta gave me confidence that with proper paperwork, we can certainly file an approvable petition. I collected all the paperwork that she asked for and the H1-B transfer petition got approved within 3 days of our filing without any RFE. I was surprised at the quick result but Sweta was very confident right from the start of this process. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an attorney that gives your time and guides you through every step. As they say, ‘In immigration world, a good attorney is half work done.’” Mukesh Somani, CEO of a start-up based in New Jersey
We Signed Up Sweta As The Immigration Attorney For Our company. “Sweta helped me file the petition for my O1 visa and got it approved. It was excellent working with her. She was knowledgeable, very friendly, and detail-oriented. I will strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for advice on an O1 visa. Seeing her work, we signed up Sweta as the immigration attorney for our company. She is doing a great job at it too.” Tech Entrepreneur, Bay Area based Start-up