The basics of H-1B Visa-as explained by KhandelwaLaw

H-1b Visa Explained – an Opportunity for a Foreign National to Work in Us

Video Transcript

My name is Shweta Khandelwal, I’m an immigration attorney practicing in Santa Clara, the heart of Silicon Valley. In this video, I shall explain the popular H-1b visa, the visa that is available to foreign nationals who wish to work in the US. The H-1b visa allows a foreign national to work in the US for a US company in a specialty occupation. A specialty occupation is one that requires at least a bachelor’s degree, examples of specialty occupation could be lawyers, doctors, engineers, and accountants. The candidate is required to have a degree that is equivalent to a US bachelor in his or her feet. If a foreign national does not have a 4 years bachelors degree, he or she can still qualify if they have relevant experience. Every 3 years of work experience is equivalent to one year of a college education. The maximum period of time that one can work in the US on an h-1b at one go is 6 years, after that the person must leave the US for at least one year before he or she can re-enter the US on the H-1b visa if the applicants employment-based green card is pending then the applicant can extend the H-1b in certain circumstances. Depending upon the stage at which the green card is spending the H-1b can be extended in increments of 1 year or 3 years. In the next video we shall talk about the number of H-1b s that are available each year or the H-1b coder for more details please visit my website at depending upon the facts and circumstances of your case there may be alternative options available for you. Be sure to discuss your case with an immigration attorney or feel free to give us a call.