How To Apply for L1 ( Non-Immigrant Temporary Visa) To Secure A Green Card

Video Transcript

Welcome viewers to the legal segment of Sitaarre TV, this is Shweta Khandelwal an attorney practicing u.s. immigration law in Santa Clara. Today we shall talk about an interesting visa option that can be used by a person who wishes to start his or her own business and once you apply for a green card without having to wait for yours and without having to file a perm. Does not sound too good to be true? actually it is true. With the economy opening up in Asia be it India or China and slowing in u.s. many people find it more attractive to start a venture or a business in their home country as opposed to starting in the US. Of course, once your venture is a bit more established outside the US you may want to increase its reach or presence in the US. You can do that by setting up a new office in the US and having the new office sponsor your L1, a non-immigrant temporary visa, that will allow you to move from overseas to the US to help establish and grow the new business in the US. For this, it is important that you work with the overseas business for at least a year before the US business can petition for your visa. The new office l-1A visa, which is a temporary visa issued for one year, after which you will be allowed to apply for an extension. If your business does well you can petition for your green card under the EB-1 category for which there are no waiting lines and no perms. You can actually get your green card in about one year from the date that you apply. I hope you found this session useful and relevant if you have any other questions comments thoughts or suggestions feel free to send me an email at see you next week.