O-1 Visas for Talented Individuals

O-1 Visa or Extraordinary Ability Visa for Talented Individuals


Video Transcript

Welcome to the law office of Sweta Khandelwal. I am Sweta Khandelwal, an award-winning immigration attorney based in San Jose California. Today I would like to talk about the O-1 visa. When we talked about the O-1 or the extraordinary ability visa, most immigrants think of Ph.D. scientists or researchers or athletes or stars or actors. Well, the truth is the O-1 visa can be used by anyone as long as you can show that you are a rockstar in your chosen profession. At our office, we were recently able to obtain an O-1 for an extraordinary talented henna artist. So if you have an exceptional talent or skill in your chosen field and would like to learn more about how you can secure an O-1 visa, please contact our office. We would love to assist you.