Process of Naturalization – How Can One Become a US Citizen

Video Transcript

Welcome viewers to the legal segment of Sitaarre TV, this is Shweta Khandelwal, an attorney practicing in immigration and nationality law in Santa Clara. Today we will talk about the process of naturalization that is how can one become a US citizen. If you are a green card holder and intend to live in the US permanently and make the US your home, it is advisable to apply for naturalization and live as a US citizen. A US citizen enjoys many privileges and benefits that are not available to permanent residents, once you are naturalized you can petition for your family members and get them together in the US. As a permanent resident if you are ever accused of any illegal activity you will be subject to the authority of the USCIS and the immigration courts and you can be removed or deported for such activity however US citizens have the right to an attorney the right to a fair trial without the threat of being deported. So while most of us don’t imagine an eventuality like this could happen to us one never knows how or what the future has in store. if you want to apply for naturalization and you have a criminal conviction for any offense however minor it appears to you or if you have traveled frequently in and out of the US or you have lived outside the US for an extended period of time consult an attorney when you are filing for naturalization, such things can jeopardize your naturalization petition. I hope you found the session useful and informative as usual send me your comments suggestions thoughts and feedback at, see you next week.

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