Family-Based Immigration Visa Explained By Our San Jose Immigration Attorney

Video Transcript

Welcome to the law offices of Shweta Khandelwal. We are a boutique immigration law firm based in San Jose, California and we specialize in business and family immigration. One of the most enriching aspects of practicing immigration law is when you get to help families be together. As a nation that values families, an immigration policy that keeps them apart is inhuman. Most US citizens who have lived here for decades have no roots or ties to their country of birth. Recently we successfully filed an immigrant visa petition on behalf of a US citizen to help be reunited with her 80-year-old sister. It was an honor to help a US citizen who assumes the responsibility of her aged sibling and is willing to do whatever it takes within the confines of the law to make sure that you are able to live and grow old together in the US. If you are looking to have your family move to the US, contact our office to see how we can assist you. We would love to hear from you.