How to get started with EB-5 Green Card Investor Visa



Video Transcript

My name is Sweta Khandelwal and I’m the principal attorney at the Law Offices of Sweta Khandelwal. We practice immigration law and are based in San Jose California the heart of Silicon Valley welcome to our firm. In this video, we should talk about the EB-5 green card, the easiest way for an investor to obtain permanent residence in the US. Currently, an investment of 1 million dollars in the United States will get an investor and a family a green card, if the investment is made in a high unemployment area then the minimum amount of investment is half a million dollars. EB 5 rules will likely change soon. The Department of Homeland Security has already announced its intention to amend these rules even though the new rules have not been disclosed. The changes include an increase in the minimum amount of investment, it is anticipated that the new rules would be most stringent as when. This may be the right time to consider the EB-5 as an option if you are looking for permanent residence. Nationals from India and China with especially benefit from the EB-5 because unlike the other employment-based green card options where the wait times are at least 8 to 10 years green cards under EB-5 are currently available for India and will also be available for China relatively soon. Contact the law offices Sweta Khandelwal if you would like assistance for your EB-5 application.