H-1B Visas

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What is the H-1B visa?

The H-1B visa is one of the most popular temporary visas for foreign professionals to work in the US. To qualify for an H-1B, the (foreign) worker must, at a minimum: (1) work for a US employer; (2) work in a specialty occupation position. A specialty occupation is one that ordinarily requires a minimum of a bachelors degree or its equivalent. Examples are engineers, lawyers, doctors, or accountants; (3) must have a bachelors degree or equivalent.

An H-1B can be granted for an initial three-year period, and can be extended for an additional three years. After six years in H-1B status (or a combination of H-1B and L-1 status), an H-1B worker must leave the US for at least one year before returning on another H-1B (or L-1). Alternatively, if the foreign national worker has an employment-based green card that is pending, then the H-1B can be extended in increments of one (1) or three (3) years.

Spouses and children can obtain H-4 visas that allow them to accompany the H-1B worker, but the H-4 does not allow them to work.

The annual cap for new H-1B visas is 65,000. An additional 20,000 visas are allotted to H-1B applicants with a US Master’s degree or higher.

Watch the following YouTube videos that explain the H-1B visas and the annual quota:

H-1B Visas and the Annual Quota

The basics of H-1B visa explained
H-1B quota and H-1B Cap demystified

Watch Attorney Sweta Khandelwal explaining H-1B visas and related concepts on Sitaare TV. This video was part of the legal segment and was aired on March 25th 2012

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For those foreign nationals who were either found ineligible for the H-1B Visa or who were not selected as part of the H-1B Quota, there may be other options available. Watch this video to learn more the alternatives to the H-1B visa.