Registered nurses have the ability to work in various health care occupations in the United States if they are not permanent residents. There are a few options available for registered nurses since most do not qualify for temporary working visas. Within these options, it’s important that nurses understand the requirements for these specific application processes.

What Types of Visas Can a Registered Nurse Apply For?

  • TN Visas: If you are a registered nurse from Canada or Mexico, you can apply for temporary TN status in the US.
  • H-1B Specialty Occupation Visa: This type of visa can work if the facility that you are applying to, as an RN, allows the two-year associate degree requirements that RNs have to meet. Registered nurses have to be in possession of a VisaScreen certificate in order to obtain this status. VisaScreen is a special screening program for RNs that consists of an educational analysis, license validation, English language proficiency testing, and a thorough exam of nursing knowledge.

What Will I Need for My Application?

You will need a few things as part of your application process for permanent resident status as a registered nurse. Requirements include:

  • Credentials that prove that the applicant is an RN licensed to practice in his or her country.
  • Certification from a US commission that the meets VisaScreen educational, licensing and English language proficiency requirements of the US state where the nurse plans to work.
  • Proof of a job offer from a financially stable US health care facility that is willing to file an Immigrant Visa petition in behalf of the nurse.

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