If you are a Canadian or Mexican employee, you are probably wondering if it is possible for you to one day work in the United States. It is definitely possible, but it will require you to apply for a special visa called a TN visa. There are, thankfully, no limits on how many TN visas can be issued every year, and this type of visa can be renewed indefinitely. Canadian citizens can apply at a port of entry, such as airports or land borders. Mexican citizens must apply at a US consulate.

What Is the Application Process for a TN Visa?

1. First, you should find an American job with a fixed term of three years or less. The US employer will handle most of the TN visa process for you unless you request that you want to be responsible for your application.
2. Once you find a job, you have to make sure that the job is an acceptable TN occupation. This means that the job must be a listed profession under NAFTA requirements.
3. Find out what the specific requirements are for this TN job. You will have to prove that you qualify for the Minimum Education Requirements or any other credentials of the occupation you’re applying for. Some jobs will want a certain education degree, and others will just want a certain number of years in job experience.
4. Your US employer should offer a company support letter as part of your TN visa application. Ensure that the letter contains: detailed company description and detailed job description.
5. Gather all of your documents and bring them to your port of entry or US consulate. Documents will include your company offer letter, important personal data information (SSN), valid passport, educational documents, resume, previous employment letters of recommendation, your TN visa application, and money for your application fee.

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