California residents born and bred into the country may not realize how many people are attempting to come to America to pursue higher education, start a business, begin working at the job of their dreams or join family members who they have been separated from for a number of years. Citizenship or legal resident status affords individuals many privileges and therefore people want to ensure they are fulfilling all their legal obligations to come and remain in the country.

Regardless of what visa category one is coming to the country under, there are likely to be a number of forms to fill out and documentation to present. Simply coming into the country does not end one’s obligations though-until one becomes a lawful citizen, there are still a number of forms that have to be completed and changing requirements to be kept up with. It can become overwhelming for an ordinary citizen to keep up with and the reality that a single misfiling or miscalculation can cost someone everything they have worked so hard to achieve can be worrisome.

This is where lawyers at the Law Offices of Sweta Khandelwal can be of assistance. With over 13 years of experience in helping immigrants enter and remain in the country legally, we partner with our clients to ensure their goals are achieved. We understand the importance of people achieving their aims and we work dedicatedly to make them a reality.

Whether one is entering the country for the first time or switching from one visa type to another, we have experience in handling all types of situations. Our team takes the time to hear our client’s unique situation and provides a solution accordingly. For more on immigration, visit our page.