While many California residents may think that immigration to the United States is only possible if a family member sponsors them, as discussed previously, this is not the case. it is possible to become a lawful permanent resident of the country based on an offer of employment. Employment-based immigration has several different categories, as discussed below, but revolve around the employee’s skill, education and work experience.

One of the categories for an employment-based visa is that of priority workers. These are people who have an outstanding ability in arts, the sciences, business, or are athletes who have national and international acclaim with recognized achievements. They could also be extraordinary researchers or professors, or key managers or executives of certain multinational companies.

Another category for employment immigration is of professionals who have advanced degrees or who have an exceptional ability in sciences and arts or businesses, but a job offer for such people could be waived if it is in the national interest. As mentioned previously, another category exists for foreign nationals who are investing in a new commercial enterprise and are creating employment as a result.

It’s important to know that the number of visas based on employment is limited, as is the percentage of visas that are allotted to each category. This means that visas are not always available in certain situations. Therefore, understanding how one’s immigration status may affect one’s employment and vice versa, it might be helpful to speak to an attorney with experience in the specific field.