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Immigration into the country has become more difficult over the last few years, even for those who are coming to reunite with their family members or begin new employment opportunities. This can be frustrating, as it delays plans to fulfill one’s dream or begin a new chapter of one’s life. It can seem as if no one understands how complicated the immigration system is and no amount of paperwork can ever be enough.

At the Law Offices of Sweta Khandelwal, we understand what is at stake for people looking to relocate to America and we partner with them to ensure their immigration objectives are fulfilled. One size does not fit all in immigration, and we work with our clients to give them the personalized and customized solution that works for them.

Whether it is assisting families or companies hire more employees, we have successfully handled people from multiple nationalities. We don’t just tell clients what type of visa would be best for their situation and why-we help them throughout the process and remain committed to working in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

There are a number of reasons why someone might be legally immigrating to America or why employers may need to hire foreign qualified workers to come into the country. While there will always be hurdles in the process, it should not deter people from achieving their immigration objective. Having the assistance of experienced attorneys can be very helpful for those in these types of situations. For more on obtaining permanent visas, visit our page.

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Sweta Khandelwal

Sweta completed her Masters in Law from the University of California, Los Angeles and her JD from the Faculty of Law, Delhi University in India and has been practicing law for 15+ years getting visas, green cards, and citizenship for 1000+ clients, 100+ companies across 50+ nationalities.

Sweta has been recognized as a ” Super Lawyer, Rising Star,” and as amongst the ” Top 40 under 40″ immigration attorneys in California (American Society of Legal Advocates). She is also the recipient of the Advocacy Award by the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Sweta is also a chartered accountant — the equivalent of a CPA. This makes her uniquely positioned to understand the immigration needs of her business clients in the broader context of their corporate objectives.

Sweta is actively involved with immigration issues and immigrant communities in various capacities. She has assumed key roles at the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), both at the local and national level. She has been a past chair at the Santa Clara Valley Chapter at AILA and has also been involved in various practice area committees at AILA National. Sweta has addressed multiple conferences/forums in the United States and worldwide on immigration and business issues.

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