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The Team

Nilima Singh

Sr. Immigration Specialist

Originally from Nepal, Nilima has over 10 years of experience as an Immigration Paralegal and is now a SR. Immigration Specialist. She joined the Law Office of Sweta in 2015. Nilma is fluent in 4 languages: English, Hindu, Nepali, Urdi. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Sociology at the Padma Kanya Multiple Campus,Tribhuvan University, in Nepal.

Completely passionate of her field, she loves to help Sweta  help others.  Working with one of the best attorneys in the Silicon Valley is what she is the most proud of.

She loves working with Sweta because she is able to voice her opinions and develop her skills to the maximum.  She plans to continue working with Sweta for many years to come, and take over new challenges as immigration policies change continuously. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with her community and keeping them updated in the latest immigration news.


Gloria Chacon

Marketing Relations

Originally from El Salvador, she is a Public Relations student at San Jose State University. She earned a degree in marketing at Humphreys University in Stockton, CA.  She has worked in marketing for over 5 years now and has gained experience working for nationwide companies with clients all around the country.

She is passionate about using her abilities to work with such a successful lawyer as Sweta. She thinks that immigration is is an extremely important topic in today’s society, and her goal is to help create awareness of that.


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